24 May 2017

5 Free Android Apps/Games of the week! (May)

1) The Passenger

Discover a relaxing experience designed specialy for mobile devices with an original and innovative Point-and-click graphic adventure game. You won't find any lengthy boring dialogs in this indie puzzle / adventure game.

2) Gravity Home Pro

Gravity Home is a interactive Live Wallpaper that transforms your home screen in a funny alternative launcher allowing you to add your favorite app icons that react to physics bouncing in your desktop.

Turn the phone upside down and watch your selected icons respond to gravity, hanging around the screen, being completely functional.

3) AceSpeeder3

The racing game that run through the future world in the anti-gravity machines.
You can experience the overwhelming speed and realistic motion.

23 April 2017

5 Free Android Apps/Games of the week! (April)

1) Real Cricket™ Premier League

Real Cricket™ Premier League is here and here to stay!
For all you cricket fans out there, Intensity of a Real Cricket™ game, now on your mobile!!!
Welcome to the most complete Real Cricket™ experience capturing each drop of the Indian Premier League festival.

28 February 2013

5 False Mobile Ads

If there's one thing worse than Indian smartphone manufacturers, it's the ad executives hired by them to market the recycled Chinese handsets. It only makes sense then to vent our frustration with a caustic critique of five of the worst adverts infesting the airwaves.
Here are the 5 worst ads-

1. Nokia Lumia 510
The setup: Hands kissing, hands kissing everywhere. A young couple, a token old couple, friends, rubber ducks, a kabab mein haddi, all kissing—with all their hands. Fingers bunched together, they touch the others’ while pouting, apparently signifying a kiss. So what’s the bottom-line? The kiss just got "trendified" it seems. Is it just us, or does anyone else also suspect someone at Nokia is majorly into some twisted form of a hand fetish.
2. Lava A10
The setup: A ridiculously underdressed counter lady in the supermarket has run out of change. The dude with a plasticky phone at the checkout counter gets a lollipop instead of change. Note: if you ignore the subliminal symbolism, the dude with a cheap(er) phone is supposed to have been ridiculed with the gesture. However, when the stud with a plasticky Lava A10 walks in, the counter lady suddenly acts like she’s been abducted from the sets of the latest Wildstone deodourant advert. Instead of change, boy-next-door is handed “Surex” condoms. Well, because the phone apparently separates the men from the boys.
3. Micromax A116 Canvas HD
All we get from this ad is that if you own this phone, you can walk out on a one night stand without having to say goodbye. However, this only works if you’re a firang with the vocabulary that’s restricted to only two words: “can” and “nah”. It looks like using smartphones as a replacement for corny pick-up lines seems to be the go-to argument for ad execs these days.